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According to field test, the water wastage caused by water drinking in 24 hours for a 45kg pig is no less than 7L (more in summer).
For a pig farm with 10 thousand heads of pigs column annually, basically around 5500 stock, nearly 40 tons of water is wasted a day, nearly 14 .6 thousand tons a year.
Saving water is imperative.
To reduce water wastage of pig drinking,Xishui established professional drinking system research team and has been developing different kinds of piggery drinking devices for years. Now we are able to provide all kinds of drinking water systems for different animal houses.
We provide high-quality, long-life and splash-proofed traditional nipple drinker and duck-billed drinker.
We provide drinking water bowl designed  to high-quality, innovative and water-saving.
We provide unique water drinking water system which guarantees to reduce 90% drinking water cost of piggery.

Please kindly check the detailed introduction and product information below for all our products and systems if needed.

Pig Drinking Water System

Choose new innovative technology to reduce water wastage of pig drinking

  • Traditional splash-proofed nipple drinker and duckbill drinker.
  • Innovative water-saving designed drinking bowl, 70% drinking water saved.
  • unique water drinking system, 90% drinking water saved.
Sheep Drinking Water System

Because healthy animals make the world a better place!

  • Cast iron bowl with constant water level
  • Deepening bowl prevents sheep from wasting water
  • Adopting stainless steel screw connection,conveniently assemble and disassemble
Poultry Drinking Water System

Just Perfect drinking water solutions from Xishui!

  • The different bases can be combined with pipe and square pipe freely.
  • Reliable sealing performance.Without water leakage and save cost.
  • Made by factory directly.High quality and cost performance.
Cattle Drinking Water System

Market leading the quality!

  • Drinking bowl with float for cows, horses and sheep, enamelled cast iron with stainless steel cover plate
  • Drinking bowl for cattle and horses, enamelled cast iron
  • Stainless Steel cast iron for cattle
Equine Drinking Water System

Make your work more simple!

  • Humanized two holes design. Adjust water inlet position as required
  • High quality brass value.Sturdy and easy to be replaced
  • Both top and bottom have 1/2'water intake
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