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We, Shanghai Xishui, supply various kinds of drinking equipment for pig farm, chicken farm and cow / cattle / sheep farm and so on. From nipple drinker to drinking bowl and drinking plate, we always supply customers with high quality drinking equipment. To save the water resource, we increasingly promote our drinking equipment. The latest pig drinking system can save a lot water, compared with traditional drinking device. We would like to help every customer solve their problems in drinking system.
According to field test, the water wastage caused by water drinking in 24 hours for a 45kg pig is no less than 7L (more in summer). For a pig farm with 10 thousand heads of pigs column annually, basically around 5500 stock, nearly 40 tons of water is wasted a day, nearly 14 .6 thousand tons a year.
With our water level control valve and water bowl in your farm, more than 40% of water is saved.


Pig Drinking Water System

Choose new innovative technology to reduce water wastage of pig drinking

  • Traditional splash-proofed nipple drinker and duckbill drinker.
  • Innovative water-saving designed drinking bowl, 70% drinking water saved.
  • unique water drinking system, 90% drinking water saved.
Sheep Drinking Water System

Because healthy animals make the world a better place!

  • Cast iron bowl with constant water level
  • Deepening bowl prevents sheep from wasting water
  • Adopting stainless steel screw connection,conveniently assemble and disassemble
Poultry Drinking Water System

Just Perfect drinking water solutions from Xishui!

  • The different bases can be combined with pipe and square pipe freely.
  • Reliable sealing performance.Without water leakage and save cost.
  • Made by factory directly.High quality and cost performance.
Cattle Drinking Water System

Drinking bowls for cattle and calves

  • Drinking bowl with float, cast iron water bowl with enamel coating
  • Plastic drinker for cattle
  • Cattle automatic waterer
Horse Drinking Water System

A variety of options for providing clean water to your horses

  • Float valve drinking bowl, steel plate enamel bowl
  • Push paddle cast iron enamel bowl
  • Horse water tank
Rodent Drinking Water system