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Shanghai Xishui always supply customers with excellent quality horse equipment and equine equipment. Every year, we will design horse watering systems for our the customers all over the world. We can provide all kinds of horse drinking bowl and equine waterer. Quality is our culture. We can offer high quality horse equipment for sale and horse waterers for sale.
Drinking Water System

Our drinking water system including:

  • 1. Cast iron drinking bowl, powder-coated drinking bowl,
  • 2. steel plate enamal bowl, plastic drinking bowl.
  • 3. Frost free drinking trough.
Cleaning System

Our high pressure cleaning system including:

  • 1. High pressure water gun.
  • 2. Lance, foam lance.
  • 3. Spray nozzle and other accessories.
Veterinary syringe

Our Veterinary syringe inclduing:

  • 1. Continuous syringe.
  • 2. 10ML-50ML plastic steel injectors.
  • 3. 10ML-50ML mental syringe.