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Infrared Heating Lamp Bulb - Half Red

Item Code: 400010301-330
R40 / R125 infrared heat lamp bulb is widely used in animal farms, bathroom, etc. The soft light is good for relaxation and sleep. Best choice for chick and piglets heat light bulb.
Material: Rigid quartz glass
Wattage: 100W-375W
Voltage: 120V-240V
Lifetime: More than 6000 hours
Feature: Explosion-proof, efficient
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Infrared Red Heat Bulb - Half Red

CYR-125 heat lamp is a high performance of heat output with same energy consumption (thermal conversion up to 98%), average 6,000 service life, high level of safety with no loose base, high infrared heat and wave for health care. Chenyan ir heat lamp is your best choice for baby chick and piglet, heating for food in restaurant and bathroom heating.




Screw base & Germany imported clay 
Make sure lamp head never falls off
CYR-125 tungsten rod and wire are the thickest
Service life is naturally longer than others
    Made of rigid quartz glass
Spray cold water when it works at the highest temp,
still explosion-proof & waterproof 
High thermal conversion
175W bulb, 50 cm high, the average temperature of the vertical point of the bulb and the platform is 47.2 °C.

· Red heat lamp for chicks, piglets, ect.
· Bathroom heating lamp
· Food heating
· Therapy


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