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Infrared Heating Lamp Shade - Large

Item Code: 400010102,400010107-400010110
Waterproof heat lamp focus is widely used for chickens, piglets, lambs, horses, dogs and other livestock or pets. Three-way switch, temp adjustable. Thickened lamp body, more durable.
Brand Name: Xishui
Material: Aluminum, 304 Stainless Steel
Feature: Long Life-span,waterproof
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Product Details

Catalog DownloadChenyan-infrared-heat-lamp-and-heat-light-bulb.pdf

Infrared heat lamp shade - Large

  Adhering to the core values of Xihui Group "water security" and "energy saving" , ChenYan specialized in designing and producing rationalized, economized and effective infrared heating lamp to promote the productivity of livestock farm.

Product Details:


Waterproof grade: IP67

304 stainless steel chain
Not easy to rust

Three-way switch
Temperature adjustable

Press and rotate
Easy to install and well fixed

Patent efficient radiator
Ensure maximum heat
bulb life

    Ceramic lamp holder    

Silver plated central contact
Ensure good contact with bulb

304 stainless steel mesh cover
Not easy to rust

Differences between our heat lamp shade and other products:

                            The plastic lamp head has poor heat dissipation
Not resistant to high temperature, which results in short service life
What's more? It affects the service life of the lamp.

When lamp focus is not thick enough
Very easy to cause damage
Mesh protective cover made by general manufacturers,
Easy to rust, affecting service life

Shade plug, can be customized

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